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Feb 26, 2021


We have seen a huge increase in […] official correspondence and media queries asking questions on visit numbers and enforcement. “Delivery of spot checks started immediately following the [prime minister’s] announcement and visiting staff now inspect for COVID compliance at all sites they attend, regardless of the reason for the visit. A call-centre operation to deliver thousands of telephone-based COVID checks of businesses has also been initiated.” Despite the appeal, which went to 208 trained and experienced former inspectors, just 10 opted to take on the work, failing to deliver a meaningful boost to the watchdog’s capacity. Over the summer, the HSE sought to make good on the prime minister’s promise to ensure COVID-secure workplaces. An HSE spokesperson told CN it was “now HSE’s top priority” and it spent a substantial chunk of its £14m extra funding on a new call-centre operation to handle reports of COVID breaches and to phone businesses to ask about compliance. Statistics released in August revealed its “new way of working”. The organisation carried out more than five times as many telephone checks as it did physical inspections of workplaces, with 12,000 inquiries from its call centre compared with 2,500 in-person visits. “With his infamous remarks about spot checks, the prime minister betrayed what a member of the public might reasonably think an HSE inspector does” The 1,059 inspectors working for the HSE now balance COVID compliance on top of their other activities, with every site visited for any reason firstly checked for COVID measures prior to other risks. Despite the prevalence of phone checks, the HSE also appears to believe that boots-on-the-ground inspections are still needed. In December, five months after its underwhelming attempt to rehire former inspectors, two private debt-collection companies – Engage (Marston Holdings) and CDER – were awarded contracts worth a combined £7m to carry out spot checks on behalf of the organisation. It is the largest expenditure from the extra £14m granted in May and the first time in history that private companies have been paid to carry out HSE inspections. On the use of third parties, an HSE spokeswoman says: “Our role in contributing to the national response to reduce COVID-19 transmissions and support economic recovery has been widely recognised and is being further bolstered by ‘Spot Check Support Officers’ who undertake spot-check visits. “Similar to the proactive telephone-based spot checks introduced earlier in the year, we have implemented the same process for spot-check visits to workplaces, using third-party suppliers.” She adds that their use enables scaling up of its response, and allows in-house inspectors to focus on investigating concerns and incidents. The British Safety Council’s Waterman is sceptical about the value of phone inspections: “I think it is one of those things where you can report the number of calls you make, you can show lots of activity – and I would have thought that it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot,” he says. He adds that HSE action in the crisis compares unfavourably with the campaign launched in the 1990s, Working Well Together, which featured well-attended awareness days on sites backed up by adverts in the tabloid press targeting health and safety messages at ordinary construction workers. “HSE paid for advertisements in national newspapers and they did the same when they launched the last version of their asbestos campaign a couple going here of years ago,” Waterman says. “They know that to reach out to construction workers and their supervisors and managers, and thousands of small firms, they can’t just rely on posting something on their website because most of those people, amazingly, don’t just spend their time browsing the HSE website in the evening.” Further problems loom amid an ongoing crisis Since 2012, if inspectors find issues at sites, firms have to pay for the call-outs under a process known as ‘fee for intervention’. The move was designed to shift some of the costs of enforcement from the taxpayer to businesses found to have breached the rules.

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A passenger makes their way aboard an Alaska Airlines flight to Orange County in December at the Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport. (John Burgess / The Press Democrat) 2020 Schulz-Sonoma County Airport during the first month of 2021 — a nearly 84% slide from the same time last year, before the pandemic took hold. The total — the lowest since May — also represented an almost 45% decline from the prior month, when the governor asked Californians during the first week of December to stay home for the year-end holidays to help limit the spread of the coronavirus during a peak in transmissions. “That closure of the economy is highly reflective in these numbers. People were doing what was requested, and not moving and traveling,” said Sonoma County Airport Manager Jon Stout. “The 6,000 was lower than I was thinking it would be. It was noticeable in the drop-off compared to November and December.” After only October, November was the airport’s second-busiest month during the pandemic , with nearly 18,000 passengers. That total was less than half the monthly number recorded in 2019, but is the closest the regional air hub has gotten to pre-coronavirus travel patterns since the bottom fell out from under the global airline industry last April. As the local weather again begins to warm, coronavirus infections fall and more people are able to obtain vaccinations for COVID-19, Stout said he is confident that residents and visitors will again take to the skies. “People I talk to want to travel, and get away from home and not do the ‘staycation’ anymore,” he said. “And if not a vacation, they want to go see their relatives and family. The business side (of travel) is sounding like it’s going to be a slower return.” Sonoma County airport currently offers between three and five flights per day, with service from Alaska Airlines — the airport’s main air carrier — and American Airlines. Alaska offers direct routes to and from Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle. American for now flies nonstop to just Phoenix, with plans to relaunch direct service to and from Dallas/Fort Worth in early April. Meanwhile, United Airlines, the other of the airport’s three carriers, suspended service in October , with intentions of bringing back its routes between Santa Rosa and Denver, as well as the short flight to and from San Francisco, in late March. Those plans have now been postponed to early June, Stout said. “United I knew had some iffy-ness to it,” he said. “It all depended on vaccinations and the economy opening back up. With the recent lockdowns, it was not a surprise seeing that they got pushed.” Emails over two days to a United Airlines spokesman were not answered. By early May, the airport could see the return to as many as 11 daily flights, including American Airlines adding back a second nonstop flight to Phoenix and direct service to Los Angeles. Alaska Airlines is currently expected to relaunch nonstop trips to and from Portland, as well as Orange County, by the middle of March.