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Feb 26, 2021


Several roads still closed in Bulloch County due to washouts from heavy rain BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – The heavy rain from the last seven days is still impacting many back roads and on Friday officials are still warning about the dangers of high water. Bulloch County Public Works officials are warning drivers on the roadways to be extra cautious due to the flooding. Residents can still get to their homes right now, but along the Ogeechee River officials say that could soon be changing by Monday. At least 12 dirt roads in Bulloch County that are full of water are still closed off to drivers, but one driver was bold enough to attempt driving through it and was successful. “I tried to put it in four wheel drive on the other side so it didn’t get stuck and have to get somebody to come down here and get me out of it,” Bulloch County resident, Corbin Dickerson said. Dickerson was the driver and Hunter Sapp is his friend that lives in this area. Sapp said the roads are in rough shape almost every year around this time. “Basically, they need to do a better job at scraping them and add more dirt and sand to the clay,” Sapp said. Dink Butler is the Bulloch County Public Works Director. He said it’s hard to prepare before bad weather hits. Just on Monday, he said the public works department spent $20,000 in one day putting rock over the roads. “We’re just trying to respond to that and make it where people can get to and from their homes and we can get them emergency response if needed,” Butler said. Butler told News 3 Bulloch County Public Works has around 800 miles worth of dirt roads that they have to care for. He said if you see any washouts near your home they need a little more time to take care of it. Some dirt roads have dried up and drain pipes are working in overtime trying to flush the water out. “It would be better if they kept the ditches dug.

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